Fire Pit

We built a fire pit in the backyard earlier this summer. There were some bricks just scattered about in one part of the backyard from the previous tenant of the house. They were not doing anything useful where they were, so we decided to put them to good use.

I had the boys carrying the bricks to where we put the pit one at a time and stacking them up. They are pretty good builders so this was an easy task for them. At the end of the day they worked pretty hard, but were very proud of the pit they made.

This weekend it finally cooled off enough to try it out. So we did just that last night. We used it to cook some hot dogs for supper and some s'mores for dessert.

There are probably a few improvements we can make. Perhaps we can make the pit more of a permanent structure in time. For now though, it will be nice to have the pit this fall.


Built an Arch

Christine Augustine and I took the boys to the Saint Louis Science Center today. We saw a pretty spectacular Omnimax film about lemurs and we built the arch you see here. Everyone chipped in. It was a team effort.



I have been attempting to change some of my social networking habits lately. One of the things I have decided that needed to change was my use of that button which gives me an all too easy way to tell the poster, "Yes, I read your post. Yes, I was somewhere between slightly amused and having an epiphany. No, I cannot be bothered to do more than a single click in response."

On Google+ this is the "+1" button and on Facebook the counterpart is the "Like" button. Pretty much every other social network has one too. Often a star or a heart. They all function the same though: confirmation without engagement.

I do not think that I am saying that the confirmation without engagement (CWE) button is necessarily a bad thing. I know that if someone pushes that button on something I post, that confirmation is useful to me.

I am not saying that anyone else should stop using it or that I necessarily will forever, although I may. This is a personal thing for me. I feel that I have gotten into a habit of using that button lazily when I actually could contribute and engage with whomever is posting the content and that I want to change that. So for now at least, when I have the urge to hit the CWE button, I am forcing myself to say something. Sometimes that something will be, "good stuff", or something to that effect. More often, I hope, it will be something with contribution or engagement.